2010 Deer Urine Testimonials

Mike Carter - Gheen, MN (2010)

Mike Carter gives Udovich 100% Pure Doe Urine a perfect 10
because Udovich's Doe Urine helped him bag this perfect 10 point buck!

Trevor Carstens - Mankato, MN (2010)

My uncle Harold Carstens of Hector, MN bought some of your scent in Cook this past weekend. I sat all day Saturday without seeing a thing. So, I grabbed the scent and put a few drops near a fresh rub near my stand Sunday morning. 15 minutes after getting in the stand I had these two deer laying nearly under my stand. They came from 2 completely different directions within about 5 minutes of each other.
An 8-point, 167 lb. buck and a 6-point, 162 lb. buck. Needless to say, it was a good weekend for the hunting party. Thanks

David Shuster - Orr, MN (2010)

David Shuster bags a big buck using Udovich Guide Service Deer Scent.

Kyle Thostenson - Babbitt,MN (2010)

As you can see my deer hunt from 2010 went pretty well! Using Udovich Deer Scents really helped up my odds. I am a firm believer in their product. Thanks again! (b/c score-197 4/8 gross - 190 2/8 net)


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