Deer Urine Testimonial

Scott Sandborn - Crane Lake, MN (2009)

The hunt takes place in Crane Lake in a stand. I used a 7mm-08 Browning rifle and Udovich deer urine. I sat there all day watching squirrels and blue jays fight. It sounded like I heard a deer a couple of times that day, but I couldn't be sure. Just as I thought we were going to leave to go back home to have dinner and sleep, a nice 8-point walked out to the clearing, my heart started pounding, so I put my cross hairs on his heart and shot. We went and got my dad's friend Al and my brother John. My dad was so proud of me, I actually didn't gut it because by the time we started to it was dark out. So my dad did it (whew!). I was so happy. I'm only 11 years old and I shot my first buck (it's actually my 3rd deer, but my first buck), and it was an 8-pointer just like my dad's.


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