October 14, 2018

Hello Hunters,

As you can imagine the early snow and rain is taking a toll on our roads and fields but many hunters are braving this weather to hunt some birds. Four wheel drive is needed to reach some fields now.

We have fields open Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Thursday, Friday & Sat are booked this week. If you need a guide we have guides available.

Early bird members remember that pre ordered birds need to be hunted by November 1st as this is the final day to hunt before we close for deer season. We will try to do some hunting after deer season but there are no guarantees (remember Nov 3rd last year we got 10 inches of wet snow) so if we can't open back up after deer season any Early bird deposit you haven't used will be forfeited or you can use your early bird deposit towards our European shoot to be held on December 1 (possibly another on December 8).

Thanks, Dennis & Mimi.

Member Dick Deloria with family and friends Oct. 12th, 2018


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