April 1, 2018

Dear Members,

We've managed to make it through another winter. It always seems like a long, cold winter but then suddenly spring is right around the corner and we wonder where the time went. Well, as usual, Dennis is busy with his nonprofits and has made many trips to the cities to meet with different groups and legislators. I was lucky enough to do a mission trip to Nicaragua which was most eye opening and an experience that made me very appreciative of the blessings we have here at home.

For two years in a row now the wet, heavy snow in late October and November has knocked down the cover and brought the hunting to a screeching halt. Dennis says that every year we play "Russian roulette" trying to outguess the weather. This year we got caught with Early Birds to carry-over into this spring (never a good idea) and this time a couple of bobcats went on a killing spree and wiped out every bird. Ouch! So, sorry to say, but plan your Early Bird numbers accordingly because we are asking everyone to shoot their Early Birds by November 1st. We won't be carrying any Early Birds past that date unless you've reserved them for our winter European Shoot. We will no longer be carrying any birds (or Early Bird deposits) into the next year so any unused deposit will be forfeited after November 1st.

We always like to get the private European Shoots on the books as early as possible. If you would like to have a private shoot this year please let us know so we can get you a date. Saturday, October 27th is already taken! OVER→

2017 Sporting Clays honors goes to:
Top Gun Jim Brunner
Individual Ladies -- Trudy Halvorson
Individual Youth -- Dylan Nosie
The Top Team was -- Team Brunner.
Our thanks to everyone who participated.

This year we won't be open for sporting clays since we plan to be gone for part of the summer. A long awaited vacation to Slovenia to travel the areas of Dennis' roots will cut into the summer sporting clays. We debated having some one run it while we were gone (one of our generous shooters offered) but it just seemed easier all around to take a hiatus and regroup in 2019. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Since opening the pheasant hunting club in 1992 we have always been open 7 days a week. Starting this year we plan to be closed every Tuesday. As you can see our age is starting to show. We're slowing down and cutting back on the stress so we can continue on with something we love. Dennis swears he's mellowed out (and he has a little) and I attribute that to having great members and also his AGE!

So, it's that time of year when membership renewals are due. You'll find a membership renewal form attached. For those that are 70 years or older we implemented the Marsolek rule a few years back and are waiving your annual membership fee. If you've already taken advantage of this senior discount there's no need to send a copy of your ID but please do send in the renewal form for my records. If you've only just turned 70 (or your 70th is this year), I will need a copy of your driver's license along with the renewal form.

Remember, we really enjoy checks and cash but we also take Visa and MasterCard!

Happy Spring,
Mimi (and Dennis, too)


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