Deer Scent Sales

Our NEW urine bottles ready to go!

Early this fall we'll be collecting urine for the 2015 season. Order yours early!
Here's a nice testimonial from the 2009 season!
And here's more testimonials from the 2010 season!

Rhonda's Buck with a Bow using our deer scent!
** Pure Doe Urine
** Pure Buck Urine
** Pure "Doe In Heat" Urine

1. All urine is collected fresh
Sept thru Nov
2. Single deer collection system
3. Individually bottled by hand
4. TB accredited herd
5. CWD monitored herd
6. Use as cover scent or attractant
7. Large 2 oz. bottles with droppers
for no mess
  • Buck urine can be used at an active scrape or your own "mock scrape". This will drive the bucks wild!
  • Sprinkle on liberally. Remember a deer doesn't urinate just a couple drops. A partial bottle doesn't do any good after season. Use it all this season!
  • Doe Urine is best used on a trail or boot pad. It also makes a good cover scent and will attract bucks, does & fawns.
  • Do not ingest or put on your clothing.
  • Store in a cool place.
To check out our latest video on making a mock scrape, click HERE!
Check out some other photos HERE!

Each bottle is $9.99
6.9% MN sales tax
Shipping and Handling is $4.95 for any size order.
Dealerships available - call for details!

Send Check (made out to Udovich Guide Service)
or call (218) 787-2375 to order (have credit card ready)!!


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